Linton Pasture Pork


1/2 kg
1 kg
1.5 kg
2 kg
Cut Options:
Bone-In Skin-On
Bone-In Skin-Off
Bone-Off Skin-On
Bone-Off Skin-Off

Items are priced in kilograms. 1/2 kilogram is roughly equal to 1 pound.

Starting at $23/KG, $10.44/LB

It's most likely that you will recognize this as the cut that bacon is made from, but it's also the central ingredient to classic Italian porchetta, in pasta as pancetta, or in a sticky-sweet pork bun. As one of the most inexpensive and versatile meat options, it's seen in a varied culture of foods, because this cut is high fat and high flavor.

Uses: Curing, smoking, roasting, braising, confit, grinding.