Pasture Butchery



There's nothing quite like the snap of a beautifully hand-made hot dog, with fresh garlic and Applewood smoked to a beautiful tan. We take tremendous pride in our Happy Hot Dogs, the clean ingredients that go into them, and the time taken to make something most people don't have the patience to do anymore. We call them Happy Hot Dogs because they come from happy animals and they make us happy when we eat them. In many ways, we made these for ourselves, but are of course very excited to offer them to you, too.

We recommend you cook these in a pan, on medium heat, with a little bit of oil, for a few minutes on each side until browned and glistening.  

Ingredients: Pastured pork, lamb casings, mustard, garlic, milk powder, spices, sugar, nitrates, Applewood smoke, salt & pepper.