Pasture Butchery


Little Lovely (35oz)
Big Beauty (88oz)

These honey hams are perfectly cured, smoked, glazed, and ready for your table. They are easy to heat, slice, and serve. 

Hams are available in two sizes:

Little Lovelies, are approximately 1kg (35oz) and will feed 3-5 people

Big Beauties, are approximately 2.5kg (88oz) and will feed 7-10 people.

House-made from our Linton Pasture Pork leg with honey from our pal, Ben the homestead beekeeper. This ham is cured for a week with green peppercorns and a little coriander, then smoked with applewood, before finally being glazed with honey and dijon.

To heat hams, remove from all packaging and place in 300F oven. For Little Lovelies 30-40 min and for Big Beauties 40-60 min.

Ingredients: Pastured pork, mustard, honey, brown sugar, salt, spices, nitrates, pepper.